How Do You Know When…

How did I know that it was the very last night I had him as my “petit-ami”?

How did I know that the trip I enjoyed this time last year was the last trip I had with my grandmother in my life?

Life is full of surprises and the unexpected. Sometimes, they make your day. Sometimes, they destroy it. They give you joy. They bring you sorrow.

How do you know when you will never see the one you love ever again? We have witnessed this a lot during the pandemic. The one who was still sound the day before went into the heavenly eternal sleep the day after.

Fate’s design is the only design we cannot preview before implementation.

One always regrets not having long enough time with the ones one loves. But how much is enough? One cannot tell.

In the end, time is relative. Whether it is long or short, slow or fast, it depends on how one perceives it. But it is not the length of time that matters. It is, in the time we still had each other, whether we treated each other well enough. Did we bring each other delight? Did we make each other’s day? Did we refrain from torturing each other’s feelings? Did we respect others the way they deserve?

One tends to love things that can be counted. Little does one know things that can only be felt are even more significant. One always cares about things from afar, so much that one forgets about things from within one’s eyesight.

Profiter du Moment — Enjoy the moment, for whatever will happen, will happen — Que Será, Será.